Aakash Odedra

Aakash Odedra is rising star of British South Asian dance who has featured in numerous spectacular Bollywood films and performed in front of the Royal Family. As his career has grown exponentially over the past year, he needed more than just a holding page to showcase his talents.

Aakash is a deeply spirited and spiritual dancer, and wanted a rich, sumptuous site to reflect this. Using a specially-filmed intro and taanpura music commissioned exclusively for the site, we developed a visually lavish site in Flash complete with a video section utilising YouTube’s API and an events calendar for showcasing upcoming performances and drive ticket sales.

Perhaps the most unique part of Aakash Odedra’s site is that, despite being a rich-media Flash site, the backend is completely driven by WordPress. In fact, it’s built on the second generation (and very originally-titled) flashTheme, a WordPress theme we developed for publishing content specifically for the Flash platform.

Not to leave anything to chance, we also developed a non-Flash theme targetted specifically for mobile devices so that iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile and just about any other non-Flash platform could see all of the site’s content unimpeded.