It’s difficult to describe Beardyman without starting to lose the thread of what you’re saying just a little bit, but here goes: Two-time UK Beatbox Champion and 2008 judge of the same competition; sold-out comedy/music shows at Edinburgh Fringe Festival; sometime traffic warden for E4′s hidden camera show; and 2011 nominee for BBC Radio 1′s Essential Live Mix award.

Beardyman’s management wanted a site that would be easy to manage and maintain, offering as much information and connectivity as possible whilst retaining a unique style. Beardyman himself wanted a site made of steampunk holograms and an omnipresent talking egg that melted peoples’ brains. We think we came up with a pretty good middle ground.

Devloping the site in WordPress, we started the design by using a high-quality, extremely close-up photo of the lead designer’s stubble, the layout of the site was essentially made out of skin. This was augmented with a navigation made of bloodied blotting tissue and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Britney Spears, Anne Robinson and Brian Blessed (all bearded, natch) yelling ‘BEARD!‘ as you roll over the menu items. We also created custom Flash video and audio players and a self-updating events page that automatically pulled details of shows from Beardyman’s official Facebook page.