Eric Clapton

Way back in 2007 we were tasked with putting together a promotional microsite and viral campaign for Eric Clapton to mark the release of Complete Clapton, a collection of an epic career’s worth of great songs.

Based on the iconic 1967 “Clapton is God” photo taken in the Islington Underground station, we put together a Flash campaign where you could add your own name (or a friend’s) and spray the wall in graffiti, replacing “Slowhand” Clapton’s name with your own tag. It was a fun campaign to do and got a great response… at least, initially.

The story goes that Eric Clapton was doing a promotional tour in the US and particularly zealous interviewer/TV presenter took a good deal of offence to the promotion based on the ‘false idol’ claims of Mr. Clapton, and the record label decided to take the campaign down. Ah well, those who burn brightest burn fastest…