HCA Healthcare

HCA Healthcare were looking to hire over 750 new employees from all over the world for their new ventures in London – and they wanted a site that could automate the whole thing.

The Welcome to HCA website is one of the first fully automated onboarding websites ever built for the private hospital group HCA International, and it needed to fulfill a number of requirements:

  • Easily accept new potential recruits onto the system;
  • Assign each recruit a line manager and a ‘buddy’ to offer support;
  • Assign those recruits to a job role within a job category;
  • Based on that job category, assign the recruit a particular set of online e-Learning tests and other requirements;
  • Assign the user to mandatory ‘live’ events such as health & safety seminars;
  • Monitor the recruit’s progress, sending them and their line managers weekly email reminders;
  • Record statistics for site usage, test pass rates, attendance, etc. for users and make that data available to HCA

Not only did we, along with our friends at PixelPudding, turn the entire project around in just six weeks, but we also built it on our favourite content management platform: WordPress. This involved the development of no fewer than nine bespoke plugins and a modular e-Learning system built in Flash that had to be expandable and adaptable for any type of test in the future.

Welcome to HCA was so successful that its operation has been extended from it’s original 6-month shelf-life to at least 18 months of live on-boarding for well over a thousand new employees.