Maguba Clogs

Maguba’s family-owned factory in Sweden has been producing clogs for over 100 years, and they wanted to be able to showcase and sell their remarkable footwear online.

We originally developed the site with our friends at PixelPudding in 2009, and this fully-functional store uses a bespoke content management system for Maguba to process orders and update their online catalogue of off-the-shelf shoes. However, the real fun lies in using our Custom Clog Designer to create your own unique styles. Built in Flash, you can mix and match natural and painted wooden soles with cheerful solid, patent, printed, and metallic leather straps to achieve your desired look, and then place an order for you dream pair of clogs.

This custom design utility features every available colour and finish of sole and upper leather, which were all drawn by hand by us to ensure a uniformity and an infinitesimal level of customisation, as well as making the addition of more colours and finishes in the future much more straightforward.