Speed or Safety

Speed or Safety is the name of Leicestershire County Council’s long-running safety campaign, focusing on providing information, statistics and dispelling myths surrounding speed cameras in the region. Originally developed in 2005, the site has gone through two major upgrades in both design and functionality since then, providing a wealth of up-to-the-minute information for the public.

The most recent updates included an interactive map of all speed cameras in Leicestershire & Rutland, complete with a route-finder that alerts you if your intended travel plans cross the path of any speed cameras, along with information about those installations; a weekly schedule of mobile camera locations that can be maintained months in advance; online PDF readers for camera and operator certification; and an interactive FAQ to provide users with any questions they may have about the safety camera sceme.

Add all of that to media players for the latest radio and TV adverts, interactive games highlighting the dangers of speeding and a veritable online library of Freedom of Information documents, and you have a government website very rich in content.