Universal Music Voting App

Universal Music wanted a handy little Facebook app whereby users could vote for their favourite track by a particular artist. And they wanted three to start with.

Since the idea had gained a great deal of interest internally at UMG, there were likely to be many more artists in the wings, so we decided it would make a lot of sense to make the app completely reskinnable on a per-artist basis. That way we could roll out the apps quickly and with a minimum of fuss, whilst keeping the costs low for UMG.

Utilising Flash and the Facebook API, we developed a modular app that required a handful of variables including the artist name, and copy for the before- and after-vote messages, and then built a database to hold all of the artist’s unique tracks and albums (along with purchase links).

The first artist to officially use the app on their Facebook page was Nirvana – surely no finer way to showcase a campaign like this – and its popularity immediately shot into the stratosphere. With over fourteen thousand votes in just two weeks, it proved to be one of the most popular single-artist campaigns of all time. We have since rolled out apps for Blink 182, Queen, Sting, The Kinks, Diana Ross and Stevie Wonder.